Put the kids in the room: Stereo Society launches coloring book

Publicado em 27/03/2020 - Por Salomão Augusto

You read that right!

One of the most thought after and authentic record labels in the current market, both for its message and mission, as well as for the team within it, Stereo Society launched a coloring book with beautiful motivation behind it.

Since last year, Stereo Society, being owned by the artists and the management, has been making exclusive posters for all the artists who joined the label so far. The posters all convey the concept they communicate with their record label, which is, Art From Earth. Combining this wonderful concept with the time we are living in, they decided to transform these posters into a coloring book, basically to help parents who are home with their children to create a new way to occupy their minds and hands with a more personal and fun activity under quarantine.

Art From Earth, in addition to being the label’s concept, is also the mission of showing the universe that the only place where there is art (until proven otherwise) is on Earth.

If you remove the letters E and H from the word EARTH you will have the word ART. This is what they want to show with the Art From Earth concept, that Earth is the place where art is produced. This concept was created to celebrate everything we do here, Our artists, our music and everything that makes Earth unique in the universe.

Combining sound and colors, this beautiful action shows that the intention of the book is not only to put children in the ‘dumb’ making them unleash their creativity on paper, but also to make parents and everyone interested in downloading the content , to have more contact with the label’s artists. For that, he placed a QR Code below each poster with a guide to the profiles of each artist present at the casting on Spotify.

Today the label has names like 3 Of Life, Benji Vaughan, DEKEL, Domestic, Freedom Fighters, GMS, GMS vs Dickster, Modus, ON3, Pixel, Prometheus, Shadow FX, Tetrameth, The Zap! , Triac, Twisted Sibling and Younger Brother.

You can download the material for free here.

Print or paint on your PC, tablet or wherever you want! The important thing is to unleash creativity.

And to encourage that, we have 2 gifts to encourage you to get your hands dirty:

Get the latest label release

In partnership with the Stereo Society, for those who send their colorful versions of the posters, they will make the label’s latest release available for free. It’s not a draw, sent, won!

Draw Psicodelia / Stereo Society

Our team will make a selection of the best colorful art to win an exclusive T-shirt from our store.

Just send your art to contato@psicodelia.org and wait. The draw will take place on April 10th!

Get to work and good luck!

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